Using AutoMapper with DevExpress XPO

If you are using AutoMapper (a great tool btw) together with DevExpress XPO its posssible you run into this error

automapper needs to have a constructor with 0 args or only optional args

var autoMapperConfig = new MapperConfiguration(
  cfg => cfg.CreateMap<SourceObject, MyXpoObject>().
    ConstructUsing(x => new MyXpoObject(mySession)

Sure, no rocket science but I had to search a while.

Microsoft Azure Functions for cronjobs

Since some month I have a small program written in C# to get values from Google BigQuery daily and write in to Magento shop via API.

It was annoying to start the „exe-File“ every day manually and or have a Windows computer running all the time.

With Microsoft Azure Functions and its Timer Trigger I move all the problems to the cloud – serverless. Surprising easy to create a Azure Function in Visual Studio and deploy to Azure.

New blog started

Started my new blog about my work on ecommerce, online shops, magento, programming with c# and php using cloud service like aws, gc, microsoft azure.