Sync development folders between two computers

Scenario: I have two computers and I would like to seamless use both for development. I write software with C# (Visual Studio), PHP / Symfony and a little bit NodeJS and Bash.

My requirements:

  • Do not use GIT for sync. I do not want to push and commit only to pull on the other machine.
  • Do not use network drive or external disk. I would like to use cloud storage to prevent to to think about backup
  • Running on Windows 10. I have to program Windows desktop software with Visual Studio.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) must have access to the folder. For GIT and other CLI tools.

Good option: Dropbox ( Very good sync, fast and it works. But:

I have a Google GSuite ( subscription with unlimited space. I pay for it and I do not want to pay for another service. So my choice is: Google Drive (

I tested Google Drive File Stream (, the recommanded software from Google. Problem: No access with WSL to the local folder.

I tested Google Backup and Sync (, the „old“ software by Google. Problem: No partial sync of folders. Even if you config partial sync it seems to check all files on Google Drive. If you have a lots of files it take days just to get not finished.

My solution: Insync (
Installed on both computers and establish so called „Selectic Sync. Works for me.

If you you are not bonded to Google: Dropbox is much easier.